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Band Orchestra
Program Scan Conductor Major Works Semester Program Scan Conductor Major Works
1975-76 Academic Year
December 11 David Graves Beethoven Egmont, Vaughan Williams Folk Song Suite Fall
April 21 Schuman George Washington Bridge Spring
1976-77 Academic Year
David Graves ..... Fall
April 21 Grainger Lincolnshire Posy Spring
1977-78 Academic Year
December 9 David Graves Donald White Ambrosian Hymn Variants Fall
Adler Southwestern Sketches Spring
1978-79 Academic Year
December 3 David Graves Finale from Shostakovich Sym. No. 5 Fall Alan Stein Four mvmts. from Holst The Planets
April 20 Reed Armenian Dances Spring Alan Stein Beethoven 3rd Pno. Cto.[1]
1979-80 Academic Year
David Graves Dello Joio Scenes from "The Louvre" Fall Alan Stein Firebird Suite
April 4 Husa Al Fresco, Holst 1st Suite Spring James Erb Brahms Requiem
1980-81 Academic Year
David Graves Schuman George Washington Bridge Fall Joel Eric Suben Haydn Sym. No. 98(?)
April 17 Holst Hammersmith, Weber Clarinet Cto. No. 2[2][3] Spring Joel Eric Suben .....
1981-82 Academic Year
November 6 David Graves Giannini Sym. No. 3 Fall Joel Eric Suben .....
April 16

Trumpet Section
Persichetti Sym. No. 6, David Ashley White A Festival Triptych, Grainger Lincolnshire Posy[4] Spring James Erb Fauré Requiem
1982-83 Academic Year
December 10 Gene Anderson Reed La Fiesta Mexicana, Errante The Elements[5] Fall Steven Errante .....
Feb. Tour Itinerary

March 25
Candide Overture, McBeth Masque Spring March 2 Mendelssohn Sym. No. 5
April 20 Brahms Sym. No. 1
1983-84 Academic Year
Gene Anderson ..... Fall October 19 Steven Errante All Bach
December 3 Mahler Kindertotenlieder
April 4 Copland Fanfare[6] Spring Beethoven Sym. No. 8
Beethoven 5th Pno. Cto.[7]
1984-85 Academic Year
Gene Anderson ..... Fall
April 3 Jenkins American Overture for Band,
McBeth The Seventh Seal
1985-86 Academic Year
Gene Anderson ..... Fall
January 23 Jacob Music for a Festival,
Finale from Shostakovich Sym. No. 5
1986-87 Academic Year
November 5 Gene Anderson McBeth Divergents, Rhapsody in Blue[8] Fall
April 1 Multiple concerti w/ student soloists Spring


[1] Faculty soloist Richard Becker

[2] Student soloist Karen Wells in Weber Concerto

[3] Student conductor Sherry Black led the March from the Symphonic Metamorphoses by Hindemith.

[4] Student conductor Stewart White led Canzona by Peter Mennin.

[5] Student conductor Amy Schaaf led the Holst 2nd Suite.

[6] Student conductor Greg Hudson led the finale from the Symphony No. 3 by Saint-Saëns.

[7] Faculty soloist Richard Becker

[8] Faculty soloist Richard Becker